‘Until The Drugs Wear Off’ with Chuck Salamone of Dissolve

04/20/18 | Dissolve @ Quinn’s (Beacon, NY)

“Black Bolt” and “Wraith” are killer songs! The entire release has an incredible continuity to it. Was there a overall collective vision or was the material assembled more in a puzzle-making fashion? Mostly puzzle making but there are definitely organic jams where songs come together naturally.

From start to finish… How long did it take to compose the album? Since we only manage to jam once a month, the fact that we get anything done is a miracle unto itself. But it probably took about a year to complete.

Which new song is your favorite?
“Wraith” is my favorite song on the album.

Can you tell me more about how that composition came to fruition? I came into rehearsal with the opening riff, Paul and Will both had parts that worked. Paul Frankenstein-ed the song together to make is what it is today.

Any specific musical influences channeled during the making of this album or were you guys more-or-less shooting from the hip? No real influence; we jam and where the music takes us we follow.

The release of ‘Until The Drugs Wear Off’ is very dense with layers upon layers of sound. Where did you track the album? The bass, drums, and vocals were recorded at Nada Studios in Montgomery, NY with the amazing John Nada. The guitars were recorded at Green Tree Studios (Jamie’s home studio) and the final tracks were mixed back at Nada Studios.

In your opinion, how does ‘Until The Drugs Wear Off’ fit/match up against the entirety of the Dissolve catalog? The album feels like a natural progression; I believe we still have our core sound but have continued to grow.

04/20/18 | Dissolve @ Quinn’s (Beacon, NY)

The Artwork for ‘Until The Drugs Wear Off’ has a very multi-layered, psychedelic multimedia vibe to it. Who did the artwork? Our drummer Todd is behind our incredible artwork.

Let’s talk about distribution… Who’s releasing the album?
This album being released by Maitsuba Records out of Albany, NY.

Which formats are you releasing ‘Until The Drugs Wear Off’ on? ‘Until the Drugs Wear Off’ will be available on vinyl with 3 different color pressings and digital download. You can pre-order now!

Is there a confirmed release date?
The record should be out as soon as our boat docks… probably Summer 2020.

It also looks like you dropped the new ‘Shot Rocks’ E.P. as well. Can you tell us what inspired that recording and releasing it prior to the full-length? We wanted to put something out for everyone who pre-ordered the album, for everyone to dig into new tunes during these dark times… it’s really our way of saying “thank you” to everyone who has supported our band over the years.

Where should everyone go to get some Dissolve? You can order directly from Maitsuba Records online or at our live shows. We’ll be preforming at Darkside Records (in Poughkeepsie) sometime in the near future… where our exclusive clear vinyl/purple blob for ‘Until the Drugs Wear Off’ will be available.